Happy Paintings

Painting Time at Matsudo Kindergarten
of Senshu University

From the beginning of it's establishment, Matsudo Kindergarten of Senshu University has provided "Painting Time" classes to encourage young children's rich creativity. The children pictured here were very excited when they were first introduced to paints and pastel crayons. I have served as an instructor at Matsudo Kidergarten since 1989.


Take your paints, pastel crayons or clay out of the box and express all of your happy thoughts or artistic inspiration in the painting class at Matsudo Kindergarten of Senshu University.
You can draw or make whatever you like.

Request for parents:
Your child's confidence is greatly enhanced by positive verbal feedback. When showing encouragement and recognition to your child, the use of "non-negative" expressions work best to instill young confidence.

 Important  =>  Please watch your children with gentle eyes so they can draw at ease.

Now, please imagine that your child has draw a
giraffe. Which of the five instances below would occur.

<1> "I know giraffe well. It's on my favorite picture book. So, I drew a cool animal with a long neck, yellow body with brown spots and long-slim legs."
<2> "I'm not so sure about the whole animal, but I remember it has very cute eyes. So, I drew only eyes."
<3> "The giraffe was so tall and I couldn't see all the way up to the top. All I saw was its legs. So, I drew only legs."
<4> "I know how it should be drawn. but I couldn't draw it well. I was sad. I couldn't hold back my tears. I tried and tried but couldn't draw. But just before end of the time I could finally draw a small dot."
<5> "I didn't know why, but it was really fun. So, I played and scribbled with pastel crayons.

Mothers strongly feel the urge to help their children become great artists and would probably wish for results like <1> above. It seems that most adults have preconceived ideas about artistic creativity and although parents would prefer results like <1>, it's important to have an accepting attitude of your child's attempt at creativity. Expressing a prejudice of "good vs, bad" to your child's creations hinders an "open drawing mind." All five instances above are acceptable examples of creative expression of what a child wants to say.

For children creations like painting or making clay figures are happy experience of expressing themselves with open mind.
Also this is a good opportunity to build up their perseverance, because children will find that the only ones who help them are themselves.

   I am hoping to create an open channel of understanding between you and your child through art.

Autumn sketching event held at the high school next to the kindergarten. Outdoor painting is fun.

"Look, I can use paint brushes well."Paints of many colors spontaneously spread on a quarter-size paper.

"We'll draw animals today. Hmm.... it's hard to draw moving animals."

High School Cultural Festival, September 2001

Lively pictures were posted in a high school classroom.
Children showed their works to big brothers and sisters.

Seniors Juniors Toddlers
Joint-work paintings by seniors posted at the entrance. We all visited the high school and found our painting.
"Look at this ! This is the one I painted."