Happy Paintings

Elementary School Art Class

Matsudo City Samukazedai Elementary School has been assigning part-time instructors from various fields under the guidance of the prefectural education board. Since fiscal year 1997, on the request of the board, I have been spending a wonderful time with children for a short period of each year. Additionally, from fiscal year 2001 I have been teaching at Shinmatsudo Nishi Elementary School. I hope children have a rewarding experience with art.

The children have anxious questions;

"Mrs. Tanaka, is it really OK to draw this?" "Can I do this or that?"

Unlike regular school subjects such as Arithmetic or Japanese Language that pose a question/answer mind-set, painting is an open field to creativity. When I tell children, "You can do anything you want," they relax and become creatively free with their brushes, expressing their own inner-flash of creativity. The children were showing me their world - a creative world beyond my imagination !

I sometimes receive compliments from homeroom teachers. It surprises them to see the creative sparkle in the eyes of children who ordinarily could not draw or who usually were so serious about regular school students. Perhaps a relaxed, less regimented atmosphere apart from their regular teachers and school studies is the reason for this change towards creativity in the children.

   It is a marvelous thing when a child's inner spark is expressed in painting.