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 Painting Classes at Matsudo  Kindergarten of Senshu Univ.

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"Joyful Color Garden" is a place where color and form bloom into your own artistic creations. Your imagination blossoms into your own garden of creative art. By experimenting with color, shape and form, you nurture the creative spark within.

"Hey ! Look at what I Did. This is my own unique artwork !"

Painting Class Joyful Color Garden by Masako Tanaka
Joyful Color Garden Painting Classes
Classes from Children to Students;
Painting and Figurative Arts

Free Art Space
Painting Classes for Adults

Instructor: Masako Tanaka
Atelier: 3rd Fl, Brain-1 Bldg, 3-37-2 Minami-Hanashima, Matsudo, Chiba
One minute walk from Kamihongo Station of Shin-Keisei Line
Tel/Fax: 047-364-1947
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